You choose to have it electroform “light, smooth and stylish”, “Medium, earthy with some texture”, or “Heavy, forest pixie/swamp witch with lots of texture”.

Then go on to select you finish, left to right, #1 “Shiny, high gloss”, #2 “Buffed with contrasting details”, #3 “Colored Patina, inked in a color of your choice”, or #4 “Gunmetal, blue black finish with some coppery high lights”.

Ring Patina 1

Next your choice of chain length 24″, 30″, 36″ with lobster claw clasp. Antique Copper or for the mixed metal look Sliver (Stainless), Brass, or Gunmetal.

Each piece will vary slightly as the elcotroforming process is an organic one.

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Showing all 10 results